Relatable Memes Concerning the Human Agony of Stubbing a Toe

There are really memes about completely all the pieces. It is sort of like Rule 34, besides…a largely cleaner phenomenon. For instance, I simply searched Google for “memes about itchy buttcracks” and there are not less than thirty memes about this cringey matter. If I search “meme about dropping ice cream” there is a related wealth of examples. Whereas there could also be memes about all the pieces, not all the pieces is worthy of its personal meme listicle. We have now to be picky. And in the present day we’re selecting to share memes concerning the unparalleled agony of stubbing ones toe. 

As an individual who for some cause resists turning on the lights after I rise up to pee or for a glass of water, my toes have seen (and felt) quite a bit. I could by no means discover ways to stroll in order that my toes get some aid, however not less than there’ll all the time be memes to remind me and my clumsy physique that we’re not alone. 

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